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Return To Castle Wolfenstein mod | Coming November 2014

Update #13 - Spring Track!

Posted on April 13 2014 by TITEUF-85

Here is a new trailer of this upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod, to celebrate the evolution of the project to its half on Spring.

  • This new trailer will provide some new visuals about the levels, especially for the fourth mission called The Track. New light effects with Lens Flare "Anamorphic" Effects and new guns will be shown in this trailer.

As I said earlier, the project is approximately "half" developed (50%) and know that I'm really proud to show the new content of my mod with a new video, in HD!

  • For the song used (Leviathan - Legend Of The Gardians), all rights belongs to Twin Scoring Studio.

Thanks for supporting and following-me, dear Return to Castle Wolfenstein players!

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Update #12 - Q&A Interview #2 (&+)

Posted on March 3 2014 by TITEUF-85

Update #12 -  Q&A Interview #2 (&+)

The Dark Army has grown-up recently; today, you'll finally read the new Q&A Interview, the second one (the last one was on November). After more than eight months of development, I have found a solution relative to the Weapon Flashes bugs I talked about in the last Status Update, with the help of C.Z.R., another developer, who's actually working on another mod, named RtCW Remake Mod. Following the fix of this bug relatives to weapon flashes, I decided to remake "again" all the guns of the mod.

  • The Q&A Interview #2!

The 2nd new FG42!
The new FG42, in The Dark Army.Read this totally new and exclusive Q&A Interview about The Dark Army mod on the mod's website, on Wix. More than twenty questions and answers, with a lot of revelations about the project's development, its situation and what it is going to be in the futur.

→ Just click-here to read-it.


  • The Weapon Flashes bug, finally corrected!


The evolution of the new FG42!
The comparison between version 2.1 and 2.2
of the new FG42, in The Dark Army.


A bug about the Weapon Flashes appeared in The Dark Army mod, while I was modelling the new guns. It started in January, and I didn't find any solution.


Then, in my last post, I talked you about a poll I did on Facebook, to know if the players are thinking it is important. Of coure it is! Then, I had this problem for a little while, without finding any solution. Then, I asked to C.Z.R. (who's actually working on another mod, named RtCW Remake Mod), what to do, because he has new weapons too.

With his help, following his tutorial, I finally fixed the weapon flashes bugs with a program called "MilkShape 3D". So, now don't worry, I fixed the major problem of my mod, and then you won't have to worry about this anymore. Thanks to C.Z.R. again.


  • The new guns, from 2001 to 2014!

Once I had fix the gun flashes bugs, I decided to re-make (again) all the weapon models of my mod, before continuing the development. Then, you can see, in the pictures below, the new guns.

From 2001 to 2014...


From 2001/2005-2012 to 2014...


From 2001 to 2014...


From 2001/2005-2012 to 2014...
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